Customer Testimonials: Commercial Rooftops

Solar installations for commercial rooftops
Installing a commercial rooftop solar PV system saves energy costs, generates extra income and cuts carbon emissions. However, committing to such a significant investment of time and resources requires a relationship of trust between the premises owner or leaseholder and the company carrying out the installation. As an international leader in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, with over 3,000 commercial rooftop solar installations completed to date, BELECTRIC has the experience and technical expertise to design, plan, construct, operate and maintain the most efficient commercial rooftop solar energy systems in the world.

Here’s what some of our customers say. 

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Lakeside Energy from Waste“We were surprised to learn that even in the UK, which is not known for brilliant weather, solar energy technology performs really well, and now generates the energy we need to run the plant operations. This was not a straightforward job because the curvature of the roof meant that very close attention had to be paid to health and safety. The BELECTRIC team worked very closely with us in this challenging environment and did an excellent job.”

Danny Coulston, Director of Operations, Lakeside Energy from Waste

Lakeside Energy from Waste – case study


Invicta Produce commercial rooftop“BELECTRIC UK’s experience has been essential to navigating complex areas like our export meter fitting, appointing meter operators, FIT (feed-in tariff) payment provision with our electricity supplier, and liaising with Ofgem. I cannot thank them enough for this support. Our electricity bills have been reduced by two-thirds from day one, and we would not hesitate to recommend BELECTRIC UK to any company considering a solar installation.”

Colin Williams, Proprietor, Invicta Produce

Invicta case study
Invicta Produce – case study


KTC Edibles commercial rooftop“BELECTRIC were extremely professional. There was no disruption to our core business and no downtime on production. They were the key partner we were looking for to implement this project. The solar power system lowers the carbon footprint of our business and significantly contributes towards our CSR, community and environmental targets while providing a noticeable reduction to our energy bills.”

                                           Paresh Mehta, Commercial Director, KTC Edibles

KTC Edibles - case study
KTC Edibles – case study


AKP Group logo“At AKP Group we strive to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. By using BELECTRIC UK as our supplier, it has proved very straightforward and efficient installing a solar power system. Their professional workforce and site cleanliness were great and disruption to our work pattern was kept to a minimum.”

                                           Ben Mordue, Operations Director, AKP Group

Power-Sprays - case study
AKP Group – case study


“The whole installation was carried out with care and attention, from the first team that arrived installing the panels to the last team commissioning the system. The site was left clean and tidy with the system working well. We are very pleased with the system that was designed and installed and would highly recommend the BELECTRIC UK team.”

                                           Julian Thompson, Works Manager, Power-Sprays

Power-Sprays - case study
Power-Sprays – case study


Knowles Transport commercial rooftop“From the first meeting, BELECTRIC UK showed professionalism and in-depth technical knowledge, allaying any concerns we had about investing significant expenditure into a new area. The project was completed efficiently and effectively in the timescale originally proposed. After installation the customer care was and continues to be exemplary.”

                                           Alex Knowles, Director, Knowles Transport

Knowles Transport - case study
Knowles Transport – case study


Grundon commercial rooftop“Following on from the installation of solar photovoltaic panels to our Lakeside Energy from Waste facility, we are delighted with the addition of panels to our Colnbrook MRF facility. The solar PV system will not only prove to be profitable, but will help us to further reduce our carbon footprint.”

                                           Andrew Short, Estates Director, Grundon Waste Management

Grundon - case study
Grundon – case study


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