• Energy storage for landowners

    Get more from your land with energy storage

Energy Storage for Landowners

Widely distributed renewable energy sources such as solar farms and wind turbines provide an increasing amount of our national energy supply, but are putting pressure on a National Grid originally designed to work with a small number of large power stations. BELECTRIC’s energy storage services use containerised intelligent battery systems to alleviate these problems in a variety of ways, but we need somewhere to put the batteries! We are interested in talking to landowners and land managers looking for an additional source of income.

What we need

  • Installation plan for landownersAt least 1 acre (0.4 hectare) of land
  • Located close to a good grid connection (indicated by an electricity substation or overhead power lines crossing the land)
  • Good access
  • Brownfield land favoured
  • Agricultural land acceptable if not primarily BMV (best and most versatile)
  • Preferably no environmental designations, such as AONB, SSSI or National Park
  • Limited gradient


  • Highly competitive rental rate for land
    we use
  • Possible land purchase
  • Short construction times
  • Minimal construction traffic and disturbance to neighbours

You can download a full site plan of a typical energy storage installation here.

If you own or manage a site that may be suitable for energy storage, please get in touch.

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