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    1 MW intelligent battery with 25 ms response

Energy Storage Services

A recent innovation in energy storage, the BELECTRIC Energy Buffer Unit (EBU) is a high-capacity battery system used in the primary frequency response market. With an output per unit of 750 kW for 40 minutes, it is an efficient, cost effective way to help stabilise the national energy grid and so safeguard reliable energy supply during the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Key advantages of the EBU

Energy storage output vs frequency

To ensure grid stability, AC frequency must be kept as closely as possible to the standard 50 Hz. The EBU can deliver or receive its full output power within a fraction of a second to precisely counteract any frequency deviations.

  • Our high-performance lead acid batteries are very cost effective
  • Scalable system based on containerised units that can be installed anywhere
  • Quick to get up and running thanks to our wealth of experience building solar power plants
  • Low maintenance and long service life through automated battery management and remote monitoring
  • Quick-as-a-flash response times

Our lead acid batteries are high current capable for reliable operation, while our innovative control and battery management system ensures longevity. EBU-based systems are easily scalable to achieve an AC output in the multi-megawatt range.

EBU specifications can be downloaded here.

Our Energy Buffer Unit is already in use at solar power plants, including the Alt Daber solar power plant in Germany, where it delivers power flexibly at any time of day to actively stabilise the national power grid. We are involved in a ground-breaking energy storage project with National Grid plc, and are pre-qualified for a 200 MW energy storage tender process taking place during 2016.

Thanks to its integrated design concept, our EBU is one of the most cost efficient high-performance energy storage systems on the market. Prices on the primary frequency response market are reliable, with an upward trend in recent years. Working with us to implement energy storage offers attractive business models with excellent rates of return.

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