Offset Your Electricity Costs with Big60Million Solar Bonds

• Big60Million Solar Bonds are now on sale enabling UK residents to invest in Willersey Solar Farm and offset their electricity bills for the next 5-years
• Bonds offer fixed 7% return (gross) to investors
• The average size investment received so far of £4,389 per investor offsets (before tax) the equivalent of over half (53%) the average household electricity bill – every year for 5-years with the investment returned afterwards or the option to reinvest
• Over £500,000 in Solar Bonds purchased and reserved in first three weeks of sales

Big60Million Solar Bonds are now selling in substantial numbers. Hundred thousands of pounds of Big60Million Solar Energy Bonds have been bought in the first few weeks of sale, following the launch of the first Big60Million project secured against Willersey Solar Farm.Big60M-Ad-National-MoS-24August-v6

The Bond, initially promoted to local residents in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, offers a fixed 7% return per year, for five years. Bonds cost only £60 each, and the average size investment received so far of £4,389 per investor, produces enough income (before tax) to offset the equivalent of over half (53%)1 of an average household’s electricity bills2 – every year for five years with the original investment returned in full after that time or the opportunity to reinvest.

The solar farm was connected to the grid in March of this year and is accredited to receive a Government subsidy of 1.6 Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) for the next 20-years. Together with the electricity sales which are paid in addition, the project is able to generate steady cash flows which are used to service the Bond repayments. Additional assurance provided to Bondholders includes the assets of the fully accredited and operating Willersey Solar Farm which have been pledged to Bondholders as security. The security is held by Rockfire Security Trustee Limited, which is owned and operated by the Bond Manager, Rockfire Capital Limited.

In addition to the environmental and financial benefits, the solar farm is being turned into a nature sanctuary. Acres of wild flowers have been planted to support pollinating insects, and several animal habitats such as bee hives, bird boxes, bat boxes and hedgehog boxes are already in-place. Big60Million are also cooperating with local schools and community groups to help with the wildlife enhancements, educational programmes, and also a growing scheme between the solar panels for organic vegetables.
Big60Million UK CEO Toddington Harper said:

“We are delighted that so many local residents, and now people from across the country have been purchasing Big60Million Solar Bonds, and are benefiting from the financial returns Willersey Solar Farm delivers them in additional income – and the UK as a whole by reducing our reliance on the 50% of our energy supply which is now imported from abroad.

“However, the benefits of Big60Million Solar Farms go far further than just money in peoples’ pockets which can be used to offset electricity costs. The projects also benefit the environment in several ways as well as local communities through engagement with school groups, supporting local bee keepers and also using the site for organic community growing schemes.”

“We hope to be able to continue building a relationship with Willersey Solar Farm residents, for the next 25 years, to ensure the solar farm remains a valuable part of the community and also continues to deliver as much local benefit as possible.”
Councillor Anthony Blagg, Cabinet Member for Environment, Worcester County Council said:

“I was impressed by my recent visit to Willersey Solar Farm where land which has limited value for agricultural has been used to generate much needed electricity for the nation. The fact that local residents can invest in the project and the land under the panels is being used to increase local biodiversity is a major bonus.”

For further details and to apply for Bonds visit: or call the Bond Manager, Rockfire Capital Limited, on 0844 693 1141.

Notes to Editors

1. (73 bonds x £60 = £4,380) x 7% / £577 = 53.1%

2. OFGEM annual average household electricity cost statistics:

Offset Your Electricity Costs with Big60Million Solar Bonds – Further details can also be found at:



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