Wadebridge Solar Farm

Wadebridge, Cornwall

This UK Solar Farm in located in Wadebridge, Cornwall.  BELECTRIC designed, built and commissioned the Wadebridge Solar Farm on schedule and in time to qualify for the March 2013 ROC subsidy deadline.  We optimised the system setup with SMA inverters to ensure the best possible system performance, with an average performance of 87.5%. We also installed a harmonious Padcon monitoring system allowing both us and the customer to view the system’s output and performance remotely.



Andrew Hawkey, Farmer Commented:

“As a sheep farmer I am very happy to be able to continue grazing my livestock within the same fields amongst the rows of panels, with minimal loss of agricultural land (as are my sheep). My sheep keep the site looking fantastic and prevent any overgrowth shading of the panels. My cottage accommodation benefited significantly through the out of season weeks by housing BELECTRIC’s construction staff during construction staff during the build. They worked long hours and were courteous, efficient and a fantastic workforce to have staying on site. BELECTRIC’s on-site management was exemplary and they regularly kept me in the loop with project developments.”

 PDF_iconDownload Wadebridge Solar Farm Case Study


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