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Although solar power generation only needs ambient daylight to work, it is not suitable for some commercial or industrial buildings, even when they have high on-site energy use.

Challenges are most likely to be identified as a result of structural surveys, but we are often able to rise to them. Working with CA Group, a major manufacturer and installer of metal roofing and cladding systems, BELECTRIC UK can offer a comprehensive rooftop solution that maximises the chance of your business being able to benefit from free, clean electricity. We also work with Siemens Financial Services to support businesses with tailored payment options.

Roof orientation and shading

Roof orientation is essential to the energy generation capacity of a solar power system. Any orientation from east to west facing (via south facing, of course) can produce enough power to support large commercial buildings and their energy requirements. Indeed, a combination of east and west facing panels can spread electricity generation more evenly across the daylight hours than a simple south facing installation. However, a north facing roof will usually be unsuitable for solar power.

Shading is also an important factor in solar power systems. Panels that find themselves in the shade at certain times of day will be less efficient and will produce less energy than unshaded ones.

Roof materials

As obvious as this may sound, we do not install solar power systems on asbestos roofs. If you are not sure what materials your roof contains, please contact us. We can quickly establish whether or not your roofing material contains asbestos.

Some rooftops with a lot of skylights are not ideal for solar systems. If you have any questions about the structure of your roof or the materials it incorporates, we recommend that you contact us to discuss them.

Weight loading

Our solar power systems are low in weight and the load is well spread, so in most cases the additional load of a solar system is insignificant. In some cases, though, it can still have an impact on a roof’s structural integrity — not that even this necessarily rules out a solar project.

To establish whether or not your commercial roof is structurally suitable for a solar power system, our engineers will conduct the requisite structural surveys and, where appropriate, suggest solutions to any issues identified.

Does your site have at least 700 square metres (7,500 square feet) of available roof space?

BELECTRIC UK is a large-scale solar specialist, and most of our projects are of 250 kWp capacity of more. To achieve this we need a large rooftop space, which is why we typically look for roof areas of 700 square metres and above. However, even if your roof is not as expansive as this, please do not hesitate to contact us to see whether we can find a way to help you with your clean energy needs.

Do you own land near your production site?

If you have an asbestos roof or are uncertain whether your roof is suitable for solar, please get in touch anyway to discuss the situation in greater detail. It may be possible to install a ground mounted system, as we did at Chalcroft Business Park in Southampton. Unable to use the roof space of the buildings due to unusual roof design, we designed and installed a small commercial ground-mount system to service the energy needs of businesses on the site.

Three-phase supply

If your premises have a commercial three-phase electricity supply, it is very likely that you can install a large-scale solar system on the roof of the building.

Payment options

As well as issues with their buildings, some companies decide that paying for a solar power system upfront would have too big an impact on cash flow. We work with Siemens Financial Services to provide a number of finance options so you can tailor payments around your business imperatives.

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