• Why solar power is perfect industrial buildings

Solar Power for Industrial Buildings

Few businesses are feeling the pinch from rising energy prices like the UK industrial sector, which is why large industrial buildings are considered the perfect site for solar power generation. A rooftop solar installation provides a company with long-term energy security, a free source of electricity, improved brand image and a point of differentiation from their competitors.

The graph below, taken from a DECC (UK Department of Energy & Climate Change) report, illustrates industrial energy consumption by source from 1970 to 2014. It is worth noting that, although overall energy consumption is significantly lower by 2014, a tremendous amount of manufacturing and industry has moved overseas over the period, contributing to the overall reduction in energy use.

Solar Power for Industrial Buildings - DECC

Source: DECC, ECUK Table 4.02

At first glance it looks like things have never been better. However, the DECC report states that Electricity and gas together accounted for 67 per cent of industrial energy in 2014, compared with 13 per cent in 1970 and 56 per cent in 1990.” Energy consumed for industrial transport purposes is excluded.

Despite the huge reduction in energy consumption, we know the shift in energy sources and rising energy prices means there is still a lot more to be done. Electricity consumption, for example, has increased significantly since 1970, which means manufacturing businesses use more electricity now than 40 years ago. Coupled with chronically rising energy prices, this is putting massive strain on UK industry.

Why solar power is perfect for industrial buildings

Solar provides free, clean electricity that industrial buildings can use to power machinery and offset energy consumption costs. Solar generates power during peak production times for most industrial facilities, meaning businesses will use the power generated on-site, reducing dependency on expensive fossil fuels while simultaneously improving their public image and reducing carbon emissions.

The typically large roof space and the likeliness of a three-phase grid connection means industrial buildings are in an ideal position to benefit from solar technology. The benefits:

  • Protect your business from rising energy costs
  • Generate FREE, clean and green electricity
  • Meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals
  • Reduce carbon emissions.

Power-Sprays, a manufacturer of Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) production equipment, decided to install a solar power system on its industrial building in October 2013. BELECTRIC UK designed the solar power system so it would best match the onsite energy demand and give Power-Sprays the best possible return.

Julian Thompson, Power-Sprays works manager, said:

“The whole installation was carried out with care and attention, from the first team that arrived installing the panels to the last team commissioning the system. The site was left clean and tidy with the system working well. We are very pleased with the system that was designed and installed, and would highly recommend the BELECTRIC UK team.”

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