Solar Rooftops for Warehouses

Warehouse solar rooftops

Warehouse operators are under constant pressure…

…to reduce their operating costs and their carbon footprint, and to perform well in energy audits. Luckily, a warehouse solar rooftop installation can tick all these boxes, because most warehouses fulfil the two most important criteria for benefitting financially from rooftop solar:

  • They have plenty of unused but accessible rooftop space
  • They consume significant quantities of power during day-to-day operation.

Using solar energy in warehouses

Solar electricity is much cheaper than that supplied by utility companies, and attracts a government-backed renewable energy feed-in tariff (FiT) per kWh produced, even when it is used on site. In effect, the operator is paid twice for the same solar energy: once in savings on electricity bills and again in FiT revenue. Once initiated, FiT payments are guaranteed for 20 years and linked to the retail index price (RPI), so can be expected to increase each year.

By installing a warehouse solar rooftop, you can expect to see an immediate and dramatic reduction in energy costs.

Excess electricity from a warehouse solar rooftop that cannot be consumed on site is fed into the grid, attracting both FiT revenues and export tariff payments. In general, cost savings from on-site solar energy use are significantly greater than tariff payments for exporting to the grid, so it is better to use as much as possible of the generated electrity in the warehouse.

Expertise in warehouse solar rooftops

BELECTRIC is an international technology leader in solar photovoltaics (PV), with over 120 active patents. We have constructed over 3,000 commercial solar rooftop installations worldwide — many of them warehouse solar rooftops — using mounting and cabling systems based on in-house developed technology. We have the experience and in-depth technical knowledge required to design, plan, construct, operate and maintain solar rooftop systems for warehouses, from concept through to end of life.

We can also help with financing a warehouse solar rooftop project. Some companies prefer to finance the installations themselves, and therefore receive all power, FiT revenues and export tariffs directly. However, for those reluctant to invest upfront, BELECTRIC UK offers alternative financial arrangements.

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